PPD100 Knitting Machine. Brother. Wool. Needle. Yarn
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PPD100 Knitting Machine. Brother. Wool. Needle. Yarn

Model / Item No PPD100
Manufacturer Brother
Stock Quantity 1
Unit Price R$ 1926.49

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1 NEW Pattern Programming Device PPD100

The PPD100 can be connected to a standard TV and you can design your original pattern on your screen.

After completing your design, insert the cartridge directly into the knitting machine and the pattern will be directly transferred, you can experiment with up to 15 contrasting colours in pattern, if connected to a printer, you can print these patterns onto paper.

Fits The Following Brother Knitting Machine

For KH930,KH930M,KH933,KH940.

1) This PPD 100 is of the first generation from the same category of Brother products, therefore a photocopy manual is offered.

2) Please look over the pictures of all the accessories in the advertisement. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us.

3) In put power 220V.

Made in Japan

Pack of 1