New Star Dial Linking Machine (By Sea)
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New Star Dial Linking Machine (By Sea)

Model / Item No NS03
Manufacturer WeaveR
Stock Quantity 20
Unit Price $ 535.00

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Needle Pitch 3.5mm(7.26 Gauge)
Number of Needles 348 pcs
Length of the Needle Bed 1,218 mm (48 inches) Tempered steel plate

By adjusting the Stitch Dial on the Carriage you can get finer gauge stitch equivalent to the stitch knitted with 7-12* Gauge machine.
*Depends on appropriate yarn used


NEW STAR DIAL LINKING MACHINE is manufactured from an alloy steel. It is specially applicable for stitching and connecting all knitted parts, such as collars, sleeves, etc. The machine is light and handy, delicate but durable, with the least degradation in parts. The needles are smooth and elastic. Thread rupture, thread wafting or skipping would very rarely occur. The lubrication system is excellent, and the machine runs noiseless. The superb quality and easy operation of the machine has led it to be an excellent tool to the knitted garments business.

MODELS NO.888031.
WORKING DESK: For 2 machines with a 1/8 HP motor, for 4 or 6 machines with a 1/4 HP motor.