wax ring Yarn Wax for WOOL YARN WINDER 888029
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wax ring Yarn Wax for WOOL YARN WINDER 888029

Model / Item No 888029
Stock Quantity 50
Unit Price $ 14.00 $ 12.60

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All New

wax ring Yarn Wax for WOOL YARN WINDER

All New

Wax ring

Knitting wax ring
Textile Wax ring
Line wax ring
Yarn Wax


With the wax stand and Yarn clamp device.



Made In Hong Kong

This price is for 4 pieces.

(Parts No.888029)

Feature :
- Very light and easy to use
- Durable, Smooth, able to use many many times
-Advanced Textile wax ring Ultra large size
- Beige Color Soft wax

Main Specifications:
[1] Melting point: 52 ℃ -58 ℃;
[2] Viscosity: 39-42mpa.s;
[3] gravity: (25 ℃) 0.904-0.907;
[4] waxing amount: 2 -3 .

Size :
- Each wax is 22 mm (Width) x 37mm (Height) x 12mm (Central Hole)

- 4 units in one package

Water solubility:
This line of environmentally friendly specialty wax is a water-soluble wax line. In warm water can be cleaned?Melting point 52-60 ℃. soluble in hot water after 60 ℃ milky white state, a 1% aqueous micro float slightly, but does not allow the presence of hard may want to wash your garment before steaming.

Item Description :
A small bit of wax will transfer to the yarn and may make knitting easier. Textile and sweaters woven processing, through this channel technology, the yarn smoother, Antistatic, improve product texture.?The wax is to allow the yarn to feed through the machine easier. Just a touch on the yarn and you will feel the carriage moving much smoother. It is especially good when you are knitting with heavy yarn on a bulky machine. This will also help to protect your machine and needles.

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