SA10 Intarsia Knitting Machine
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SA10 Intarsia Knitting Machine

Model / Item No SA10
Manufacturer Singer Sinver Reed
Stock Quantity 5
Unit Price $ 855.00 $ 769.50

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All New Very hard to find

Long Needle Beds Fine Gauge Punch card knitting machine.

Longer Needle Bed performs to knit wider garments and is deigned to be suitable for professional and industrial use.

SINGER / SILVER REED Intarsia Knitting Machine

Model :SA10

It`s so much fun to knit, and happy to wear

The worlds first high gauge intarsia hand knitting machine, model SA10, giver you more versatility. The SA10 is a 2.8mm pitch knitting machine composed of intarsia carriage, long needle bed and row counter creating a variety of attractive intarsia patterns like pictorial or geometric designs. Of course, Tuck and Slip stitches are also available.

Its simple and functional design entertains the professional to hobby knitters and by adjusting the stitch dial, it is easily to get finer gauge from 7 to 12 gauges.


* Construction:
Standard Single Bed
* Length of Needle Bed:
* Gauge:
9G (2.8mm pitch)
9-12G by changing Stitch Dial
* Number of Needles:
400 Needles
* Cam:
* Needle Selection:
* Operation:
* Type of Stitches:
Stockinet, Intarsia, Plating, Tuck, Slip.....
* Stitch Dial:
* Weight(approx.):
* Dimensions(LxWxH):
142 x 29 x 14cm

Standard Accessories:
1. Tension Unit
2. Yarn wax
3. Table Clamp x2
4. Row Counter
5. Transfer Tool 1-3
6. Transfer Tool 9 Points
7. Transfer Tool 10 Points
8. Transfer Tool 12 Points
9. Latch Tool
10. 1/1 needles pusher
11. Spare Needles x5
12. Tapestry Needles x2
13. Cast-on Thread
14. Hand Brush
15. Special knitting machine oil
16. Claw Weight

Made In Japan

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