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LK150 Silver Reed Studio LK150 6.5mm Mid Gauge Basic Knitting Ma

Model / Item No LK150
Manufacturer Singer Sinver Reed
Stock Quantity 10
Unit Price 3209.30 kr

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These LK series offers an excellent knitting machine for the beginner. 
It is a light weight portable machine that offers a quick and easy way to create stockinet fabric. 
This hobby machine gives you the ability to turn imagination into fashion. 
With its low cost and ease of use there is no reason not to own one. This machine is ideal for Sport, DK and 4 Ply weight yarns.
LK-150, 150 Needles, 2 Color Yarn Tension, 
Stitch Size Dial 1-10, 
2 Side Levers,
Row Counter Better than Bond Ultimate Sweater Machines. 
LK150 has 2 Color yarn tensions and antenna wires, large stitch size dial, 
side levers on carriage, 
spring-loaded needles which stay in place. 
Easy to use features which USM does not have.
Stitch style patterning with manual selection or hand manipulation for Brioche (Tuck) and Multi-color Brioche, Slip and Multi-color Slip, Fair Isle, Garter Stitch, Moss Stitch and knit-purl combinations, Cable Stitches, Lace, Eyelet and Open Work Knitting, Ribbings and more. Stitches exclusive to knitting machines Plating and Plating in color.
Knits DK, Worsted and some Bulky weight yarns. Works well with novelty yarns.

1 x Silver Reed LK150 Knitting Machine.
Accessory box containing:
Crochet Hook,
Clamp x2,
Transfer Tools 6.5mm,
Tappet Tool,
Needle Pusher 6.5mm,
Latch Needle,
Tapestry Needle,
Cast-on Thread,
Cleaning Brush,
Oil Container,
Claw Weight x5,
Comb Weight x3,
Punch Card Set,
Scale Set,
Row Counter,
Tuck Brushes Right & Left,
Carriage Fastener,
English Instruction Book.

Note: These Knitting Machine are to long, and are exceeding the length limit for posting provided by the Post Office of many countries. If any buyer needs these Knitting Machine, please discuss with the seller whether the Knitting Machine are exceeding the length limit of the buyer's country.