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DIY Yarn Dyeing Kit - 100% Cashmere Undyed Yarn Create Your Very

Stock Quantity 10 Unit Price 400.31 kr
All New DIY Yarn Dyeing Kit. No previous experience needed. Having fun to create your very own Hank or Skein, and craft your unique knitting triumph. Package Included: 100% Cashmere Undyed Yarn - 100g 4 x Color dye stock powder (Made in Germany, Environmentally friendly) - Blue, Black, Red, Yellow 1 x Acid for tuning the pH of water. 1box of pH test paper 1 x Plastic gloves for protection from mixing dye stock. 2 x of wooden Stick for prevent yarn touching the bottom of the pot or use for dip-dye. 1 x teaspoon You will also need: Dust Mask for mixing dye stock. Container such as an old pot pans bowls. Heat sauce such as Stovetop or microwave oven. Safety First: Use only used kitchen equipment that you can dedicate to your dye project. Protect your skin by using wooden stick and gloves. Protect your eyes from dust with mask and goggles. Sustainability We’ve tried our best to source the materials in our kits be environmentally responsible. Color dye stock powder is made by environmentally friendly materials. Also, we suggest using old pot, pans etc for your dyeing project.