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E-Weaver Knitting Loom Machine Toy Playset 689B

Model / Item No 689B
Manufacturer WeaveR
Stock Quantity 5
Unit Price $ 28.00

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Knitting Loom Machine Toy Playset 689B

Product Description:

This knitting loom play set is perfect for those who are interested in knitting! The loom playset is perfect for creating scarves, hats, and socks.


- Knit Switch for Loop Knit and Plain Knit

- 100% Wool: Medium Small ~ Common Size (#6~#10)

- 100& Acryl: Medium Small ~ Common Size (#6~#8)

- Blended (Wool + Acryl/Other Chemical Fibers): Medium Small ~ Common Size (#6~#10)


- Knitting Needles (2)

- Knitting Machine

- Bundle of Thread (2)


- Recommended Age: 8+