Tools for repairing Knitting Machines
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Tools for repairing Knitting Machines

Manufacturer Brother Stock Quantity 9 Unit Price $ 17.68

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This set of Tools are most suitable for repairing Knitting Machines.

Mulit7-Driver very suitable for knitting machine

Head type included

(+) Philips #2

(+) Philips #1

(+) Philips #0

(-) 6mm Slotted

(-) 4.5mm Slotted

(-) 3.5mm Slotted

(+) (-) Mini Slotted and Philips

Operation ? See Diagram

How to change batteries or light

1. Press Belt clip as in dicated and slide of the belt clip

2. Remove Batteries/Bulb

3. Replace Batteries/Bulb

4. Replace Clip

How to operate lamp

1. Push Belt Clip indicated to turn flashlight on

2. Push Belt clop as indicated to turn off

Function and Maintenance

Each implement is designed for specific tasks. Each implement is only to be used for it?s intended function. Only open and use one implement at any one time

Koctr 7 hans is not designed to be used as a lever.

This price is for One piece.