Automatic Narrowness Ribbon Machine (By Sea)
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Automatic Narrowness Ribbon Machine (By Sea)

Model / Item No DM01
Manufacturer Sun Cheong
Stock Quantity 10
Unit Price $ 3,360.00

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Automatic Narrowness Ribbon Machine

Code: DM01



1. Gauge 3.5G,5G,7G,9G, 12G,14G,16G
2. Type Single machine head, Dual machine heads, Triple machine heads
3. Needle Length 16",28",24",36".
4. Needle Type Latch Needle
5. Carriage Motion Carriage Rail Mode.
6. Knitting Speed(m/s) 0.23-0.67.
7. Motor 220V 370W 50Hz.
8. Dimensions(LxWxH) 950 x 590 x 1648(mm)
9. Net Weight 120 kg.