Hanging Yarn Flat Knitting Machine (By Sea)
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Hanging Yarn Flat Knitting Machine (By Sea)

Model / Item No NS02
Manufacturer WeaveR
Stock Quantity 10
Unit Price $ 850.00

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Hanging Yarn Flat Knitting Machine
Code: NS02


Our company developed the Fine Needle Hanging Yarn "INTASHIA" Flat Knitting Machine, to which we have devoted more than 10 years of research and experiences to meet the requirements and idea in the field of sweaters. Because the sweaters produced by hanging yarn will not be affected by changing seasons and be able to maintain the rough and fine finished goods completely.

The machine adopted high dense light metal and superior steel; Therefore, the machine is durable and can operate rapidly and smoothly. Moreover, all of the parts for the machine are in specification. So they can be replaced easily. According the hanging yarn flat knitting machines are very suitable for industrial & domestic uses.


1. Both left & right lowering cam in action, it performs plain knitting.
2. Both left & right lowering cam out-of-action, it performs intarsia knitting by manually threading according to intarsia patterns.
3. When upper alignment cam out-of-action, it can be performed as narrowing by holding (For example: reglon sleeves, crew neck, ??etc.)
4. Stitch cam: attatched with calibreting scale for abjusting.
5. Machine gauge changeable from 6G-16G.


1. GAUGE: 6, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16G N.P.I.
2. KNITTING WIDTH: 36", 40", 42" Single Bed
3. COLOR: Single Color (Option: 4-color or 6-color changing device)