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WeaveR Electric Yarn Ball Winder W/ Meter Length Counter YW-120

Model / Item No YW-120
Manufacturer WeaveR
Stock Quantity 10
Unit Price R$ 1239.33

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Brand New
(This listing Model is contain WeaveR Winder & Meter Counter set, DO NOT include Rotation Counter on the bottom.) 
Invented and made in Hong Kong by us, check out the YouTube video to see how its works:

Compact, Light Weight Electric Yarn Ball Winder make it easy to use and store.
Product Size : 33cm (L) x 21cm (W) x 25cm (H)
Weight : 2.5kg
Power Sauce: Input: 110-240 volt / Output: 12 volt. (Fit most of the country)

Product Features:
Variable speed is an industry first feature : Normal Speed / High Speed / Jogging Mode 
Normal Speed - spin 200 times in 1 minute 
High Speed - spin 235 times in 1 minute 

Jogging Mode is an industry first feature. Once you have selected jog mode and set up your yarn position on the cone, you now have the ability to switch between normal and high speed modes. This can be particularly useful for uneven yarn. This mode also helps to ensure a good shape for the yarn cake that is wound.

Cone: Compatible with hand-operated winder cones. The cone also can be taken off!

Meter Length Counter:
You can easily count how long is your yarn ball by length now! Very convenient.
Max. length: 999m
Wax stand and tension unit also included on the set.
This meter is able to count two-way metering line length, Orderly or Reverse order.

Wax Stand: Yarn will be smoother and become Anti-static when it passes through the soluble wax, thereby, improving product texture, and making for easier machine knitting. 

Tension Adjustment: To control the density of yarn ball, you can wind more yarn into same size of yarn ball. 

Bottom Plate: 4 Non slip plastic plates ensure stability for the WeaveR, No more table clamp needed!

Practical: Suitable for all kind of yarn,wool,sequin yarn,lambs wool, thick yarn, thin yarn. Yarn processed by the WeaveR can be used by a Hand knitter or machine knitter.

Package come with:
1x WeaveR Electric Yarn Ball Winder With Meter Counter
4x Yarn Wax
1x English manual
1x Power Adapter base on buyer's country